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From Photoshop Essentials like fun photo editing effects, image collages, and sketching to advanced photo-art tools like working with layers and masks as well as complex object selection, PhotoSuite 4 lets you to create amazing pictures. Then easily edit full-resolution images with your friends and family, with quick export options of your creations to social networks or cloud storage accounts.


• * NEW * Pro Filter – Choose from a variety of new filters to enhance your images in even more ways: Auto Fix, Cross-Process, Documentary, Fill Light, Black and White, Grain, Sharpen, Temperature , Tint, Vignette, Lomo-ish, Posterize, Gaussian Blur, Bilateral Blur. (Available only in PhotoSuite Pro)

• * NEW * Heal, clone, splash and flood fill tools.

• Enhance your photos – Perform a wide range of image adjustments such as hue, saturation, brightness and contrast manipulation to get the most out of your photos.

• Use advanced photo-designer tools – Work with layers to combine images and create art collages.

• Enhance your images with text-based graphics and freehand drawing.

• A wide selection of stencils combined with the freeform tool to deliver unparalleled creativity.

• Work with a wide range of new brushes – pencil, ink stick, brush pen, crayon, airbrush and watercolor.

• Work with text and shapes of gradients and shadows.

• Easy-to-use, adjustable intensity effect filters – Invert, Color Matrix, Gamma, Grayscale, Highlight Shadow, Monochrome, Pixelation, RGB, Rainy Day, Sharpen, Sketch, Exposure, Posterize, Sharpen, and Edge.

• Use large selection tools and group objects to easily manipulate different parts of an image. CAMERA AND PHOTO IMPROVEMENT:

• Use your device camera to capture photos (also available as a Sony Xperia camera plug-in), apply real-time camera filter effects, and insert them into your image projects.

• Real-time filters like Highlight Shadow, Pixelation, Sketch, Sharpen and much more.

• Position your canvas with just one finger.

• Flip and rotation transformations via layer or selection dragging. • New support for Sony Remote Cameras in the PhotoSuite Camera app. ROBUST FILE MANAGEMENT:

• New homescreen to easily manage your projects and create new projects from the images on your device.

• Supports a wide variety of file formats – PhotoSuite works in its own native format, but can open and export images to popular PNG and JPEG formats.

• Save a project to Internal Memory or External SD Card.

• share images – PhotoSuite allows you to easily export and share images via social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Picasa or Twitter; In your cloud accounts like Dropbox (via third-party apps); Or as e-mail attachments.

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