Clash of Pirates

Clash of Pirates

„It´s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy. Let´s be pirates.“ (Steve Jobs)

Good day my fellow pirates, are you ready to take on a new adventure?

Are you ready to conquer the ocean to seek fortune and glory? Are you ready to be the Captain of all pirates and to become the master of the sea?

Apply your strategic and tactic skills in the nautical theme game: Clash of Pirates.

As a captain, you can lead your crew in the search for gold and glory.

Engage in the ocean trade, contract alliances and explore exciting treasures. Seize ports, plunder resources and seek on dominance.

Well, my fellow pirates? Are you passionate about this amazing journey? Are you keen enough to fight rival players, to think differently and to shine with your outstanding brilliance all over the ocean?

Then: Ship ahoy!

Clash of Pirates – Gameplay

Clash of Pirates is a game of strategy and tactic that takes place in the ocean. Two teams lead a battle across the ocean. Each team controls a little town on an island, what is either called Emral Bay or Rubey Cove.

Those little towns can be considered to be the base of each team.

A stronghold is located between these two towns. It is called Isla Fortress.
Who controls the Isla Fortress for 15 sequenced minutes, wins the game.

However, controlling the Isla Fortress for 15 consecutive minutes is a big challenge. As soon as you have conquered the fortress, it is necessary to crown one of your members as the Pirate king.

The Pirate King is very endangered because the opposing team tries to kill the king in order to control the fortress by themselves. After one team has managed to protect the pirate king for 15 minutes, it has won.

Notice: Make sure that the Pirate King is not leaving the island. Guards can help.

Clash of Pirates – Gold, the road to success

Although the ocean is the game field, it is important to explore the environment before engaging in the battle. The players’ success depends on the amount of gold. The so-called Dubloons (gold pieces).

Doubloons can be won by searching for treasures or ores in a mine. To engage in trade is also an opportunity to become richer. Players can buy goods at any ports and sell them to other ports at a more expensive price.

By searching for reasonable resources and taking advantage of the business road, there is the chance to become very rich. Wealthy players can buy good equipment for their pirates and gain an advantage in the battle.

Fact is, the better and the more detailed players plan the game, the greater the success. Teamwork is important.

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