Mobile Baking Is a Thing With Cookie Jam. Here’s Why.

Mobile Baking Is a Thing With Cookie Jam. Here's Why.


Bonjour Chef! Some sweet challenges are waiting for you.

Baking means love

Baking means love and it is a particular passion.
The other side of the coin are the calories, that are hidden in all those tasteful cakes. Who frequently bakes, has now two possibilities:

1. You can jog an extra large round.

2. You can admit those extra sweet kilos.

Have you ever heard of mobile baking?

Play Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam is a mobile bakery, that produces all those excellent, delicious and seductive calorie bombs.

Therefore players must constantly move the little pastries to combine three ingredients, that are the same.

This match-3-game realizes to produce all those delicious pastries without their calories affecting us. It´s way better: The pastries positively affect the points balance.

The more sweets you bake, the more points you´ll have on your account at the end of the day.

Cookie Jam – A seductive match-3-game

Cookie Jam

Likely to Juice Jam, Cookie Jam is also based on the 3-wins-method.

The principle is easy.

However, after you have successfully completed the first levels, the puzzle challenges will become more and more tricky.

On the gaming field there can be found different symbols, respectively sweets: Sweethearts, gingerbread or dough. The symbols have to be moved, so that a threesome combination arises.

As soon as three equal ingredients meet each other, the pastries will disappear and transfer into valuable points. The aim of each level is to collect all ingredients for the recipe from the gaming field. Thereby appetizing cupcakes and cakes can be produced.

Who plays particularly clever, collects additional points and who combines more than three ingredients at a time, will release special pastries. They come with additional advantages as they rapidly let disappear many more sweets from the game field.

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