Game of the day: Evil Dead: Extended Nightmare

Appmania bring in an action-thriller packed game!

Complete missions and kill Deadites.

No ads, paid games and apps included, no in-app purchases required. All these features are offered exclusively by Appmania with a 24hr free trial.

Complete missions and kill Deadites in the iconic Evil Dead forest. Discover the Book of the Dead and unlock classic and new weapons, gathering courage in a frantic race to stay alive. Dare you enter the for the ultimate Deadite experience?

• Intense, 1st person runner that puts you at the centre of the Evil Dead universe
• Unnerving experience in the iconic Evil Dead cabin
• Access classic Evil Dead weapons from the nail gun to the chainsaw
• Unlock challenging missions from the Book of The Dead
• Realistic graphics and camerawork recreate the look and feel of the movie set

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