Game of the Day: Where’s My Water? 2

This is the age of Appmania!

This may seem an old favorite but the new features of this 2.0 version got us so hooked!

Finally, the sequel to Disney’s physics puzzle game!

Finally, the successor to Disney’s physics puzzle game with addictive potential is there. Where is my water? 2 offers three great new places: the sewer, the soap factory and the beach. Dig through the earth and channel fresh water, purple water and steam to Swampy and his friends!
The most important features:
• Join Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and the Enigma Duck over 100 levels and challenges in the all-new Gator world!
• With the new “challenge mode” you can re-experience the levels in an explosive way!
• At the Duck-Sause you have to dig fast and save as many ducklings as possible!
• Collecting three ducks is now even easier and faster by the hand, thanks to the boosters, such as teat, dropper and adapter!
• Experience fun game mechanics that are custom designed for each character!
• Ensure success and earn special ducks, such as the Gladiator Duck, the Spaceman Duck, the Hula Duck and many more!

No ads, paid games included, no in-app purchases required. All these features are offered exclusively by Appmania with a 24hr free trial

Cool huh? I promise you, you’ll get so addicted to it. What’s even better is heading over to Appmania website to discover over 400 games highly recommended around the globe!

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