My Free Farm 2 – Do You Have The Talent For Farming?

My Free Farm 2 - Do You Have The Talent For Farming?

My free farm - harvest crops

Have you ever dreamed of being a farmer?

A farmer that cultivates his own fields, cares for all the animals and produces hand-crafted products?

With My Free Farm 2 you will have a great and enjoyable farm game experience in an impressive 3D farm setting. The best: You are fully responsible for your own farm, fields and animals with lots of creative freedom and countless exciting features.

The more progress you will make in the game, the more areas and features you are able to use. Whether it´s onion, cucumbers or exotics such as sugar cane: You can cultivate up to 20 plants in the game.

Additionally, you may feed six different animal species and the number of production sites reaches till 15, where you will process all your crops. Also, flowers can be used to make honey in order to produce honey bread.

The Farm is your´s

Raise your farm animals

My Free Farm 2 gives you the opportunity to personalize your own farm. You can dress up your farm with beautiful decorations, build your own production buildings and establish virtual friend relationships.

Embark on a great farming while raising your farm and beautifying the landscape so that it turns into an idyllic countryside haven.

Raise your farm to success

Manufacture goods

Farm games are a great source of entertainment. Many people are getting passionate about My Free Farm 2 because of the opportunity that they can operate the farm freely and raise to a big farmer with several farms.

Meet passionate farmers

complete customer quests

Both villages of My Free Farm are the main point for interaction between gamers.

Without much effort, you can found your own farmer´s club or join somebody else´s. Thereby, you´ll get to know the other players and shared Club-Quests will tighten the friendship.

The village community organizes several competitions where you can compete against other farming clubs.

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