No ads, No in-app purchases, Paid games included? Are these real?

No ads, No in-app purchases, Paid games included? Are these real?

In this day and age it becomes more and more difficult to control what our kids do, watch, say, or even play with. Some say that technology can indeed make our lives easier. I do believe this but there are times that it can do more harm than good. Say for example not having human connections anymore or opening up your child’s mind to different shows, games, or applications around the world. (Yes, now you see where my slight paranoia is coming from!) I can’t watch what my child is doing 24/7 therefore getting as much help as I can is more than welcome.

I’ve read about different applications that can help monitor or even block certain items online for your kids. I’ve tested a few but so far no single program or product that addresses my main concerns but one, Appmania ( This subscription promises four although it may seem like a good deal at this point I am not sure if it can actually deliver what it says:

  1. Parental Control feature – this can give us, parents, the freedom to choose which games they can access.
  2. No annoying ads (that my child could accidentally click and perhaps buy the latest Mercedes)
  3. No inside the application purchases (again, tricky when my child is holding my phone or tablet)
  4. Paid games included
Appmania promises over 400 best games from around the world and paid games included!

So one lazy Sunday afternoon, I made my 5yr old some fruit bowl (fresh strawberries, grapes, kiwi, and green apple – yes I’m drooling right now while writing this!) and we gave this Appmania a run. Upon accessing the website, it promises a lot of things such as “World’s best 400 games, no in-app purchases, no ads!”. I can even access everything for free for the first 24hrs! Now this got me so intrigued. One important detail to know, it is a subscription at £2.99 a week. But hey, it’s free for 24hrs so I assumed it’s enough time to test it out so I signed up which was quite easy for a non-techy person like me.

As I saw the games offered, my daughter and I were like a kid in a candy store. We got so excited to see the options! They even have Disney! My little angel was ecstatic about it. I could even see familiar ones too, paid games included! I personally like, Evoland II and you can’t imagine how happy I was that it’s included and I know for a fact that I need to pay at least 7,99€ for it but now I can play it for free!

As I watched her play for a few minutes, I noticed that there weren’t any pesky ads blocking her view or anywhere in the screen so that’s a huge point for me.  As she advanced through the levels, I noticed that she was free to pick out items inside the game instead of asking for us to buy it. At this point, my smile was getting bigger and bigger. Thank you, Appmania for keeping my credit card safe…for now!

Once she got tired of it, since we all know their attention span can be as short as my patience when it comes to bad drivers, we had to pick another game, yes, you guessed it right, Sesame Street! No ads, no purchases needed too. Consistent I must say.

The verdict: It’s a yes for a paranoid mother like me! I am totally sold to this Appmania ( subscription and 24hrs truly is not enough which is why I decided to get the subscription! “Paid games included” sealed the deal for me! I would for sure secretly play the games here when my angel is sleeping.

Of course I wish they would add more popular games, but for now, off to try 398 more games. 😉

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