Panda Pop – Save The Sweet Panda Babies

Panda Pop - Save The Sweet Panda Babies

Panda Pop – A brave rescue campaign

A devil baboon has kidnapped the sweet little panda babies.

The mother wishes nothing more than to get their little babies back. But: The rescue campaign will not be easy.

The players of Panda Pop have to challenge the baboon in the game of bubble shooter.

Different gaming worlds are continuously waiting with levels that are steadily getting more and more difficult.

Save the pandas from their colorful balls

 Bunte Panda Kugeln

The small pandas are trapped in a field of colored balls and are waiting for somebody to save them.

Though the panda mother is armed with colored balls, she needs some help with firing them off. The pandas come clear from their balls, if for an example a red ball meets two or more connected balls of the same color.

The balls burst and the pandas are set free. Besides points, the players can collect up to three stars.

A list in the upper corner of the screen shows how many points are needed to win one out of three stars.

Who has won at least one star, has passed the level. Next challenges in more difficult and higher levels are waiting. Meanwhile, there are 1100 levels.

Set the pandas free and win a star

Pandas fliegen mit Fallschirmen der Mutter entgegen

Will the panda mother rescue their sweet little kids? She definitely will, with your help. To begin any game, the panda mother has a limited number of balls.

The aim is to rescue the panda kids with the available number of shots and to win at least one star.

For every ball that bursts, the player gets points. A useful secondary action: Through the explosion of one ball, others will fall down as well and bring the player some more points. As soon as a ball with a trapped panda is fired off, the panda will fly down to earth with a parachute.

Accuracy and Power-ups – the key to success

Ein Held werden für die Panda-Babys

Besides accuracy, power-ups are an important influential factor, to successfully complete a level.

Power-ups can be found on the screen below. They are shown in variegated lamps. With sufficient points, those lamps will fill and the power-ups are ready for action. They can be activated through a soft touch.

Who touches the red lamp, transforms the next ball in a blazing shot and rescues many pandas very fast. Players, which are a bit more strategic, also make use of the bank on the upper playing field.

Tactical and intelligent gameplay will be honored: Players, that reach the end of a level exceptionally fast, will get some extra bonus. Those are also having a positive impact on the star rating.

Due to the social gaming network, Panda Pop is one of the most popular games.

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