Today’s Top Pick: Vikings – an Archer’s Journey

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Nott, a valkyrie with a strong character, unleashed the fury of the Viking deities who, to punish her, sent her faithful wolf Oder into the realm of the dead. Nott, deprived of his indispensable companion, goes to fetch him in this cold and hazy place where the dead live: Hellheim Fortunately, Nott is a formidable archer and she will be able to reap special arrows on her course that will help her pierce the evil monsters from the northern legends. On his way, Nott will also federate fallen Vikings heroes who will help him in his Odyssey with the promise that once reunited, Nott and Oder will get out of this hell. In a very clean graphic style, this mix of “shoot ’em up” and “infinite runner” will delight players of all types with its easy handling and difficult control!

No ads, no in-app purchases required. All these features are offered exclusively by Appmania with a 24hr free trial.

Game features:
• Gameplay based on accuracy (shooting arrows) and reflex (you advance in runner mode).
• Procedurally generated level: A new gaming experience with each new game.
• Simple controls. Easy to learn, but difficult to master
• Collect different power-up shots (Bullet Time, Multi-Arrows, Explosive Arrows and Aids)
• Do not miss any shot to chain the combos.
• Discover the four Vikings archers, each with different characteristics.
• When the atmosphere changes, make a “group kill” and get a mega bonus
• Challenge your friends with the Google Play Center. Play the best score and unlock the trophies
• Original music for an immersive and unique sound experience Vikings: an archer’s journey is a free game with some advertising (but not too much huh

The best part: this game is offered without ads, in-app purchases and hundreds more paid games included via Appmania! Head over to with a 24hr free trial!

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