Top Apps Ranking

Searching for the best gaming apps can seem like a nightmare. That’s why we decided to make it easier for you by creating a ranking that’s going to be updated quite often. 


Appmania is a mobile-gaming service created for Poland and the UK.

It’s goal is simple – to give you the best mobile-gaming experience.

With Appmania, you can choose between more than 400 of the best games in the world.

Without Advertising. Without waiting. Only pure enjoyment of the game.

CLICK the link down bellow and try the service now!

GameOn is a mobile-gaming service focused on the experience.

The creators of the service realized there isn’t a true premium service for the mobile gaming users and decided to create it.

GameOn has a huge collection of games including some well-known names like: Cut The Rope,  BadLand, Colin McRae and many more.

The service is ads-free and the waiting time is broad to zero so you can concentrate on the experience.

CLICK the link down bellow and try the service now!

Sling Drive – for people who live casual & arcade games.

Tap & Hold the screen once a corner is coming up – make sure to perfectly time your taps as otherwise your car will fly off the road and self-destruct!

We don’t want that one now, do we?

Compare your skills with players all over the globe – leaderboards and sharing functions allow you to brag to all your friends about it!

Who is the best SLING driver?! Play it today!

4. Splash & Bounce

Splash & Bounce – a new casual game that will push you to your limits.

Touch the screen, hold and move your fingers in a swiping motion to steer the ball across the platforms – how far can you get?

Compare your score on the global leaderboard with your friends – are you better than them?