Here is Why You Shouldn’t Miss “Words With Friends”

Here is Why You Shouldn't Miss "Words With Friends"


It will make you smarter.

Stay curious

Being smart is an advantage. The smarter you become the bigger advantage you have.

This is possible through curiosity.

One way to stay curious is creativity. However, not every human lives in a 100% creative environment. Therefore, we often have to force ourselves into creativity and practice creative thinking.

Here comes a solution how to playfully practice creativity in order to stay curious and to become smarter. #staycurious

Improve your creativity and become a Wordie 

Strategic Word Play

New words with friends is a mobile game that improves your level of creativity.

This game is the worlds most popular mobile word game.
As a strategic wordplay, new words with friends will help to expand your vocabulary. The game is available in different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Test your word-building skills in a game against friends or get a community match game. Maybe you want to find your best English opponent by browsing the players’ profiles in community match?
But: You also can choose to play solo in order to sharpen and train your skills. Your performance and improvement tracking system will definitely show a change.

Are you ready to become a „Wordie“ and to bash your friends in the game of words?

Take on the challenge!

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